Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cave City 5th Grade Owl of Arkansas Research

These 5th grade students learned all about the Owls of Arkansas and how they live.  The students studied their environment, migration, eating and hunting habits, and the different owl's life spans. The students even dissected an owl pellet to see what owl's eat and puke back up because of their sensitive digestive system. An owl pellet is actually just the fur and bones that are left from the owl's prey. The students can dissect the pellets to see what type of animal the owl ate. An owl's diet can range from  the smallest of mice to the biggest of rabbits depending on the owl.

Pictures of Owl Pellet Dissection

This is my excited face, not my trying not to throw up face!

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He is serious about getting those bones  out.

Do I really have to do this?

So, I really have get the bones out?

Oooh, what is that???

I'm taking one hair off at a time.

Are you sure this makes an animal?

I'm not touching that!!!

I think I might get sick! lol

It smells! I don't like it!

Yeah.. you want me to do what????

Is that a skull I see?!

Actual Owl Pellet that has been dissected

Arkansas Owl Research

Eastern Screech Owl- These owls are difficult in the wild because they are generally nocturnal.  A small owl with ear tufts. These birds are strongly barred above with black streaks above with black streaks and spots below. Does not migrate.
Barred Owl- A large brown and white owl with a streaked belly. Lacks ear tufts and has brown eyes.  Eats prey whole like most owls.

Barn Owl- A non-eared owl with rusty brown back  of head, back, wings, and tail. Heart shaped white face, outlined in darker rusty brown. White chest and belly . Dark belly.  Doesn't migrate.
Great Horned Owl- Lacks ear tufts. Bright yellow eyes and V-shaped white white throat resembling a necklace. Horizontal barring on the chest. Does not migrate.

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